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I'm using the ravis FusionWidgets component in flex to create guages. I have a problem to change a guage in my program. I build an mxml component with the guage like this:

"ns1:FusionWidgets id="myGuage" width="{guageWidth}" height="{guageHeight}" FCChartType="{guageType}" FCDataXML="{guageXML}" y="0" x="0"/"

when the guageType and the guageXML is the bindable data providers.

when I place this component in first time, the providers don't contain nothing and i let the user to change them in my flex application. the problem is that when the user change them, the guage doesn't update itself. I know that when I change a bindable data provider, the component must be changed. there is any other way to update the component after i change it's data providers? thank you guys.

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you should make something like change event handler:

public function userChangeHandler(e:Event):void{
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