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I have a website where my customers can login. Some of them complains that the URI is too complicated. It is unique for each customer and looks like this:

What I would really like is to have a path like this one:
http://example.com/Wallmart (Wikipedia does this)

I´ve tryied to google but as I dont know the name of this plugin(?) it is real hard to find. What is it called? And also, are there any downsides or problems using such plugin?

I know it is possible to create a virtual folder and have it redirect to the loginpage, but I have too many customers to be able to do that manually.

Best regards //David

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Check out IIS Url Rewrite Module

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Url Rewrite is exactly what Im looking for. Big Thanks! –  David Aug 29 '10 at 9:39

Redirect your 404 error page to one of you own pages : call it my404.asp

In my404.asp do something like :

p = lcase(Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING"))

p will be called like


so p will be filled with the passed parameter. Notice the ?404 and original url as parameter ?

You could detect something like


to let your customer use


use 'mycustomer' in you my404.asp page to look it up in a database, and then redirect to the correct login.

It's very powerfull , and after setting it up once, it can be used for many different urls.

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