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I am using NHibernate on a project. The database is required to have creation date and creator user fields on relation tables but I do not want to map the relations to domains. My db design is like:

school (id, name, credate, creuser)
student (id, name, credate, creuser)
school_student(id, school_id, student_id, credate, creuser)

For school_student.id, I use autoincrement, pk, not null, so I do not have to map it. NHibernate automatically manages relations so I do not have to map school_id and student_id. For credate, I can use getdate() function, so I do not have to map this field.

But for creuser field, I cannot think of a way that so I do not have to create a domain class for school_student table. How can I escape creating a domain for school_student table? Is there a way of sending creuser information to database each time NHibernate inserts a recort into this table?

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You can use SUSER_SNAME() as the default for the column if it's a direct connection.

Indirectly (eg via a web site) you'll have to send the value of Context.User.Identity because the DB engine does not know who the end user is. You'll have to map it in nHibernate.

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But this is a web app and every user uses the same connection string. –  serhatozgel Aug 29 '10 at 12:50

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