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I want to change the DNS IP Address programmatically to the Adapter on Compact Framework. I have checked in the NetworkInterface class of OpenNetCF 2.3 as well, but I do not want the device to be rebooted after setting.

Could somebody throw a light on the please?

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The adapter's DNS server addresses are stored in the registry in a key like this:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\<Adapter Name>\Parms\Tcpip]
"DNS"=REG_MULTI_SZ:<IP address of the DNS name server>.

Note that it is a multi_sz value.

Simply update the registry and rebind the adapter using the SDF's NetworkInterface.Rebind() method or by calling DeviceIoControl on the NDIS device with IOCTL_NDIS_REBIND_ADAPTER (which is what the SDF's call is doing).

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