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I'm looking for a single line regex which does the following:

Given a HTML tag with the "name" attribute, I want to replace it with my own attribute. If that tag lacks the name attribute, I want to implant my own attribute. The result should look like this:

<IMG name="img1" ...> => <IMG name="myImg1" ...>
<IMG ...> => <IMG name="myImg1" ...>

Can this be done with a single line regex?

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Which regex are you using Perl, Java, awk, etc? –  sblundy Dec 11 '08 at 14:56
Perl. But Python/awk/egrep would be just as good. –  Moshe Dec 11 '08 at 15:14

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The trick is to match every complete "attribute=value" pair, but capture only the ones whose attribute name isn't "name". Then plug in your own "name" attribute along with all the captured ones.

 /<IMG name="myName"$1$2>
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This is a better solution than mine, but it does move the name attribute to the start if it exists later in the tag. –  Sean Dec 17 '08 at 16:00
Is that a problem? AFAIK, the order of the attributes doesn't matter. –  Alan Moore Dec 26 '08 at 15:12

This isn't a perfect solution, the spacing and position within the tag may not be exactly what you want, but it does accomplish the goals. This is with a perl regex, but there's nothing particular perl-specific about it.

s/(&lt;IMG)((\s+[^&gt;]*)name="[^"]*")?(.*)/$1$3 name="myID"$4/g
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This almost works. It fails when the "name" tag isn't the first one. –  Moshe Dec 11 '08 at 15:50
That is untrue. Did you test it? the (\s+[^>]) covers preceding attributes. –  Sean Dec 17 '08 at 15:54

If, like in your example, the name attribute is always the first one inside the IMG tag, then it's very easy. Search for


and replace with

<\1 name="myImg1"

but I doubt that this is what you really want.

If the name attribute can occur in other positions, it gets more difficult.

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Well, since I edit general HTML files, I cannot be sure the attribute is the first one. Actually, I'm quite sure it's not. –  Moshe Dec 11 '08 at 15:43

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