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I am finding that my layouts tend to look great in one orientation but if I change the phone's orientation, things are a mess. For example on one screen I have 6 large buttons that look great in portrait orientation but if the user changes phone orientation, those buttons get cut off in portrait.

Do I need to code two layouts for every screen - one for portrait and one for landscape? That would be such a waste of time.

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If it really is a problem you can fix your app to only work in portrait mode, though this may upset owners of some landscape-centric phones, such as the Droid –  Tom Medley Aug 29 '10 at 20:57

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According to Hello, Android by Ed Burnette . . .

You could try to adjust the layout so that it works with all orientations. Unfortunately, that's often not possible or leads to odd-looking screens. When that happens, you'll need to create a different layout for landscape mode.

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