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Because all error messages are in German and Google doesn't help me to find solutions for German error messages I want to change the language of visual web developer to English.

This shouldn't be too hard, but I just cant find a way to configure the language. Google didn't help me either.

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You need to change the culture of your application:


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Which can be done conditionally if you only need it for debugging. –  Konstantin Tarkus Aug 29 '10 at 22:14
Could you be more specific? The link doesnt really tell me where I exactly find that culture why I have to do it this way. –  Pascal Klein Aug 30 '10 at 2:34
Exception messages are shown in the language (culture) in which your application is running. By default it is German I guess buy you can override it as shown in that example. –  Konstantin Tarkus Aug 30 '10 at 18:53
For example when application starts you can run this: Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo("en-US"); Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new CultureInfo("en-US"); –  Konstantin Tarkus Aug 30 '10 at 18:53

you got to reinstall after uninstall the program at the control panel. when reinstall with web flatform installer, there is an option to choose a language you want. choose the English, then start install.

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