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I would like to generate HTML Snapshots using Watir, hosted on Heroku.

Google's Full Specification for Making AJAX Applications Crawlable suggests using HTMLUnit... see How do I create an HTML snapshot? point #3.

HtmlUnit is a Java-only headless browser emulator; and unfortunately jRuby is not an option on Heroku. So HtmlUnit is ruled out (to my knowledge).

If you're interested I have another question open regarding HtmlUnit as a service hosted on Google App Engine... Making AJAX Applications Crawlable? How to build a simple web service on Google App Engine to produce HTML Snapshots? ... still waiting on a proven example/answer.

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No. You need a full desktop environment to run watir. Heroku doesn't provide you with that.

You could use a service such as Amazon EC2 to boot up a full image and run it there.

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Yes you can

Use Watir with PhantomJS, which is headless

browser = Watir::Browser.new :phantomjs

To use PhantomJS on Heroku, you'll need to use a Heroku PhantomJS buildpack

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Troelskin's answer is incorrect. There are ways to run "headless" browsers with Watir, which do not require a "full desktop environment". Having said that, I do not know which method may be appropriate on Heroku.

Other "headless" automation options (if you are using Ruby) are Mechanize with Open-Uri, along with (optional) Nokogiri.

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Maybe you can use iMacros for Firefox instead? It can by run via the command line and take complete web page screenshots.

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The Snapshots I'm referring to are actually the source code (after js has manipulated to DOM)... Not images. –  Chris Jacob Sep 5 '10 at 23:00

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