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I have a folder with a lot of PNG images that I want to create folders for based on their filenames. I would then want the files to be moved into their respective folders of the same name and renamed to 0000.png.


- abcd.png
- efghi.png
- jklm.png
- nopqr.png
- stuv.png
- wxyz.png


- abcd/0000.png
- efghi/0000.png
- jklm/0000.png
- nopqr/0000.png
- stuv/0000.png
- wxyz/0000.png
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from the command line

for /f %f in ('dir *.png /b') do md %~nf & move %f .\%~nf\0000.png

if in the batch file

for /f %%f in ('dir *.png /b') do md %%~nf & move %f .\%%~nf\0000.png

Here is the example

c:\Temp\pp>dir /s/b

c:\Temp\pp>for /f %f in ('dir *.png /b') do md %~nf & move %f .\%~nf\0000.png

c:\Temp\pp>md b   & move b.png .\b\0000.png
        1 file(s) moved.

c:\Temp\pp>md p   & move p.png .\p\0000.png
        1 file(s) moved.

c:\Temp\pp>dir /s/b
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Thank you! Worked exactly as expected. – Charlie Aug 30 '10 at 0:31

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