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I have two services that require an XPathDocument. I want to be able to define named instances of XPathDocumnet to use in the configuration of the two services. I also want to be able to tell StuctureMap which constructor of XPathDocument to use. When I try to get an instance of XPathDocument it tells me that it can't find the plugged type for XmlReader. I want to use the constructor that requires a string uri for the xml file. I cannot seem to get this to work. Here is the StructureMap configuration code.

public class Service1 : IService1 {
    public Service1(XPathDocument document) {}
public class Service2 : IService2 {
    public Service2(XPathDocument document) {}

public class Registry1 : Registry {
        .Is(x => x.TheInstanceNamed("XPathDocument1"));
        .Is(x => x.TheInstanceNamed("XPathDocument2"));

    ForRequestedType<XPathDocument>().AddInstances(x => {
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Look at this. In short, you need to change OfConcreteType<Service1>() to ConstructedBy(() => new Service1());.

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