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Improving urls

Currently I have links in the form (displaying product information):


I want to clean this up into the form:


I think I need to do this with routes.MapRoute, something like so:

routes.MapRoute(null, "/Products/Page{page}", new {controller = "ProductController", action = "Index"});

This was put above the default route (so should override I am led to believe)

The product controller looks like this:

    // GET: /Products/
    public ActionResult Index([DefaultValue(1)] int page)
        var productsToShow = //omitted for simplicity

        var viewModel = new ProductIndexViewModel
                                ProductList = //omitted for simplicity,
                                PagingInfo = new PagingInfo
                                                     CurrentPage = page,
                                                     ItemsPerPage = PageSize,
                                                     TotalItems = productsToShow.Count()

        //Passed to view as ViewData.Model (or simply Model)
        return View(viewModel);

What am I doing wrong?

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Change routes.MapRoute

routes.MapRoute(null, "Products/Page{page}", new {controller = "Products", action = "Index"});
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Correct - the Convention is that all controller classes END with the word Controller. As such, the routes then don't need you to add that full word into the route details, as above. So like @Akyegane says, controller = "Products" .. not "ProductsController" –  Pure.Krome Aug 30 '10 at 4:59

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