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So I've always been under the assumption that you can't pass arrays between activities with extras. But I was just going through the Bundle class docs and saw putStringArray(String key, String[] value) and public String[] getStringArray (String key). Are these new? They both say since API lvl 1, but I don't remember being able to pass arrays. Am I going crazy here?

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I think you must be able to pass string[] as a bundle in Android. Any specific reason you have for getting into such a conclusion?

Refer to this post


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I think I'm just going crazy. I was sure I'd looked into passing an array, tried it, failed, and asked on SO about it and was told it can't be done. I think I need some sleep, lol – Falmarri Aug 30 '10 at 10:01

You can pass any Serializable object as extra, so I don't see why you could not pass String array. There is a setExtra(String, Serializable) method in the Intent, that's what I use.

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