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var str   = 'asd-0.testing';
var regex = /asd-(\d)\.\w+/;

str.replace(regex, 1);

That replaces the entire string str with 1. I want it to replace the matched substring instead of the whole string. Is this possible in Javascript?

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str.replace(regex, "$1"); –  Aaron Saunders Aug 30 '10 at 5:27

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var str   = 'asd-0.testing';
var regex = /(asd-)\d(\.\w+)/;
str = str.replace(regex, "$11$2");

Or if you're sure there won't be any other digits in the string:

var str   = 'asd-0.testing';
var regex = /\d/;
str = str.replace(regex, "1");
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or using function: 'asd-0.testing'.replace(/(asd-)\d(\.\w+)/, function(mystring, arg1, arg2){return arg1 + 'mynumber' + arg2}) –  Ivan Rave Jun 17 at 13:59

using str.replace(regex, $1);:

var str   = 'asd-0.testing';
var regex = /(asd-)\d(\.\w+)/;

if (str.match(regex)) {
    str = str.replace(regex, "$1" + "1" + "$2");

Edit: adaptation regarding the comment

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I want to replace the substring with '1' not the entire string with the substring –  dave Aug 30 '10 at 5:46

I would get the part before and after what you want to replace and put them either side.


var str   = 'asd-0.testing';
var regex = /(asd-)\d(\.\w+)/;

var matches = str.match(regex);

var result = matches[1] + "1" + matches[2];

// With ES6:
var result = `${matches[1]}1${matches[2]}`;
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+1 I personally like having the collection of matches to frack with. –  eduncan911 Apr 28 '14 at 21:07
I agree, having the matched set available is more readable in my opinion. –  Travis J Apr 29 at 20:57

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