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I have a chunk of MDX that I'd like to throw into an ASP.NET form. Hopefully just binding the results to a gridview. Are there any good links or snippets? I'm using VB.NET, but I am able to port from C# if no Visual Basic code is available.

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There is a way to execute MDX withing SQL, which I suppose would give you a sneaky way to bind the results to a gridview!

select top 100 * from openrowset(
    'Datasource=MyDBServerName;Initial catalog=MyCubeName',
    'SELECT {dimensions(0).members} on rows, 
    {time.defaultmember} on columns 
    from sales'

There is a proper way of course (used to be called ADOMD in classic ASP, which gave you a Cellset object you could loop around).

Many people use a third-party .NET component, such as the one by Dundas, to show tables and graphs from cube data.

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