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So facebook is opening its chat servers to us... great. I am new to XMPP, so what would be the best JS library to connect to their servers?

I googled for a tutorial article, but found nothing. Can someone direct me to one?

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As Joschi pointed out strophe is a very good javascript library. But you need a BOSH manager to connect from javascript to XMPP. You could use a standalone manager like for example punjab.

If you can not run a BOSH manager then you could also connect to XMPP via flash without BOSH.

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I recommend using strophe.js. For communicating directly with a different server and bypassing the same origin policy of javascript you could use strophe with flxhr plugin, which is a neat flash based workaround. So no connection manager setup (webserver proxy to punjab and so on) is required on your server.

I also recommend the book "Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery". It comes with a whole lot of sample javascript/html applications code.

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strophe.js is a powerful and widely used XMPP library for JavaScript.

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