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I'm cross-compiling kernel modules and some libraries on x86 for ppc. Is it possible to create ld.so.cache and modules.dep on my host system?

P.S I'm using ELDK tools.

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modules.dep should be generated when the modules are built. It's also a text file so is readable on either architecture.

I'm pretty sure it'd be hard to generate ld.so.cache on anything but the system target system. It's a binary file that built up given the specific libraries available on your rootfs and configuration in /etc/ld.so.conf.

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depmod can run just fine against foreign architecture modules. Assuming you've built your kernel and deployed your modules (eg 3rd party modules) to your system-root:

/sbin/depmod -ae -F /path/to/System.map -b /path/to/system/root <kernel-version-name>

Haven't found a solution for ldconfig, yet.

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