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Is there a way to extract and view the content of an .apk file?

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Check out android-apktool. –  Macarse Aug 30 '10 at 10:27

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Actually the apk file is just a zip archive, so you can try to rename the file to theappname.apk.zip and extract it with any zip utility (e.g. 7zip).

The androidmanifest.xml file and the resources will be extracted and can be viewed whereas the source code is not in the package - just the compiled .dex file ("Dalvik Executable")

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In most Linux distributions you don't even need to rename the file; you can just double-click on it and it will open with the appropriate file archival (zip) utility, since files are typically identified by their signature rather than extension. –  bmaupin Jul 2 '12 at 23:06

There is also zzos. (Full disclosure: I wrote it). It only decompiles the actual resources, not the dex part (baksmali, which I did not write, does an excellent job of handling that part).

Zzos is much less known than apktool, but there are some APKs that are better handled by it (and vice versa - more on that later). Mostly, APKs containing custom resource types (not modifiers) were not handled by apktool the last time I checked, and are handled by zzos. There are also some cases with escaping that zzos handles better.

On the negative side of things, zzos (current version) requires a few support tools to install. It is written in perl (as opposed to APKTool, which is written in Java), and uses aapt for the actual decompilation. It also does not decompile attrib resources yet (which APKTool does).

The meaning of the name is "aapt", Android's resource compiler, shifted down one letter.


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You have different tools:


Android Multitool

Apk Viewer


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While unzipping will reveal the resources, the AndroidManifest.xml will be encoded. apktool can – among lots of other things – also decode this file.

To decode the application App.apk into the folder App, run

apktool decode App.apk App

apktool is not included in the official Android SDK, but available using most packet repositories.

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There is a online decompiler for android apks


Upload apk from local machine

Wait some moments

download source code in zip format.

Unzip it, you can view all resources correctly but all java files are not correctly decompiled.

For full detail visit this answer

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