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Hi am trying to add custom helper throughout my application

Have done following steps

  1. index.php

    $view = new Zend_View();
    $view->addHelperPath('My/View/Helper', 'My_View_Helper');
  2. Helper class in My/View/Helper

    class My_View_Helper_Common extends Zend_View_Helper_Abstract
        public function example()
          return "ok"; 
  3. now calling in view index.phtml


am getting this error

Uncaught exception 'Zend_View_Exception' with message 'script 'error/error.phtml' not found in path (.\application\views\scripts\)' in C:\xampp\htdocs\wyfixture\library\Zend\View\Abstract.php:924 
Stack trace: 
#0 C:\xampp\htdocs\wyfixture\library\Zend\View\Abstract.php(827): Zend_View_Abstract->_script('error/error.pht...') 
#1 C:\xampp\htdocs\wyfixture\library\Zend\Controller\Action\Helper\ViewRenderer.php(903): Zend_View_Abstract->render('error/error.pht...') 
#2 C:\xampp\htdocs\wyfixture\library\Zend\Controller\Action\Helper\ViewRenderer.php(924): Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_ViewRenderer->renderScript('error/error.pht...', NULL) 
#3 C:\xampp\htdocs\wyfixture\library\Zend\Controller\Action\Helper\ViewRenderer.php(963): Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_ViewRenderer->render() 
#4 C:\xampp\htdocs\wyfixture\library\Zend\Controller\Action\HelperBroker.php(277): Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_ViewRenderer->postDispatch() 
#5 C:\xampp\htdocs\wyfixture\library\Zend\Controller\Action.php(523):

please help me

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Seems like you have two problems here:

  1. Your 'application/views/scripts/error/error.phtml' is missing. You can restore it and you'll get more accurate exception message at once.
  2. Your helper class should contain a method named after the helper.

So, in your case it's file My/View/Helper/Example.php with the following body

class My_View_Helper_Example extends Zend_View_Helper_Abstract {
  public function example() {...}

Then you'll be able to call it from the view with

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Thanks Vika , It's working now. But can we add only one method in a view helper? say if am adding two method like this : class My_View_Helper_Common extends Zend_View_Helper_Abstract { public function common() { return "ok"; } public function example() { return "ok"; } and if am calling method $this->example(). It's giving same error. but ok for $this->common(); Or there is different way to all example in view . Please help me. am newbie to zend and I have to understand all these. –  user319198 Aug 31 '10 at 6:45
+1 for correct answer –  Benjamin Cremer Aug 31 '10 at 7:31

In addition to Vikas answer.

To call more than one method in a view helper you can use code like this:

In My/View/Helper/Example.php

class My_View_Helper_Example extends Zend_View_Helper_Abstract
    public function example()
        return $this;

    public function foo()
        return 'foo';

    public function bar()
        return 'bar';

    public function __toString()
        return $this->foo();

In you views:

echo $this->example()->foo() // prints foo
echo $this->example()->bar() // prints bar
echo $this->example() // prints foo
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Thanks Benjamin . It's working now. :) –  user319198 Aug 31 '10 at 8:49
vasim: do not forget to upvote helpful answers. See the FAQ ;) –  Benjamin Cremer Aug 31 '10 at 12:29

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