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I'm trying to get a start in programming by writing a Chrome extension similar to the Smart Bookmarks Bar extension for Firefox. Java seems straightforward enough, and I can probably figure out the specifics of building an extension but I can't find out what commands I need to change the rendering of the bookmarks.

1)Does anyone know where I could find the relevant documentation?
2)Does anyone know of extensions that interact with bookmark rendering I could take a look at the source code of?

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Everything you can do with the bookmarks is listed in the API: http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/dev/bookmarks.html

(and as someone said here on SO: java is related to javascript as a car is related to a carpet :] )

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Checked that before, those commands focus on modifying the bookmark directory, as opposed to the interface concerning the bookmarks. – Fred McDonald Aug 31 '10 at 5:14

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