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i've tried jquery .load() function. It is ok when i load files from my server, but i don't know how to load another file from www.

This is my code:


The first one is working, the second not. On documentations I can't find how to use http as url parameter here. Please help!

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You cannot do that, thanks to security measures in web browsers. Google for "same origin policy." –  Pointy Aug 30 '10 at 12:52

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You can add a proxy between your application and the third party domain. This cross domain querying solution works because you're actually loading the content from your own domain.

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You can't load a page coming from another source (domain) via ajax, unless using methods like JSONP. You can check out the ajax jQuery documentation for more information on JSONP.

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AJAX is subjected to the same origin policy as a security feature of the browser. So unfortunately the second option will not work by design.

Another option is to do the include on the server.

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