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I hope this isn't too off topic for this forum, but I have been developing Android apps using an unlocked N1 with 2.2 and would like to continue with two additional unlocked Android phones. A similar question was asked in January, but much has changed since then, eg: Brightstar is out of N1 stock and there are a lot of new devices on the market. Also, I plan to target 2.2 and up since apps are not MicroSD loadable (as far as I know) on earlier OS versions.

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It is always better to have combination of devices in different screen densities like QVGA,HVGA and WVGA.

You can try also with one more device which has WVGA 480*854 in screen resolution(though it doesn't make a big difference with N1)

Moreover i would not recommend you to go with 2.2 SDK alone since the usage statistics provided by google is just 4.5% for 2.2 SDK.


A few more 2.2 SDK devices that you can go for

1.Motorola Droid
3.MyTouch 3G
4.HTC Desire
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My personal favourite was HTC Magic(1.6).......I'm currently working on Motorola Droid....its awesome...I've heard HTC Desire with FROYO is cool...

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