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Im trying to implement an undo manager in my app using Core Data. Instead of making my own UndoManager im using the default undo manager in my ManagedObjectContext. Because of that i am not registering any actions manually, neither am i beginning or ending any undo groups. Undo works fine for most conditions however at certain conditions it just halts and doesnt Undo.

I logged groupingLevel and noticed that on any action, the groupingLevel increments from 0 to 1. For any additional actions, the groupingLevel remains at 1.

If i call undo, the level decrements back to 0 and stays at 0 for further undos.

However, when I undo to certain conditions, the groupingLevel goes back to 1 and i cant undo anymore !!!!!!???

how is it possible for groupingLevel to increment when i call [[managedObjectContext undoManager] undo] ?

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Nevermind, turns out my conditions were forcing the undoManager to go into an infinite loop.

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