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Which web application would you recommend for user feedback?

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Seeing the success of User Voice with SO, and it's ease of use, I'd recommend it. Some users think the registration process on User Voice is a hassle, but it only takes a minute, and they are even adding OpenID support.

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Given that only UserVoice offers non-English versions, that's a no-brainer if you need it.

getsatisfaction has a broader scope than uservoice; while the latter is focused to channel suggestions for improvements, the former is a more general feedback solution including praises and flamewars about anything product-related.

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User Voice

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I've used UserVoice both as a customer and as an admin and I would highly recommend it. It's easy to use in both ways and the creators of UserVoice are great people and are highly active on Twitter and other communication mediums

To be fair, I have never used any of the other services, so I can't say much on them.

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Get Satisfaction seems to be catching on the fastest from what I've seen. I would use it for that reason, if the customer already has an account and has used it once or twice before they're much more likely to both use and not be frustrated by the system.

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Not everyone is a fan of their business model - 37signals.com/svn/posts/1650-get-satisfaction-or-else – CAD bloke Apr 5 '09 at 13:46

Try Google Moderator. You have to have a Google account, but that's much less of a hassle than a getsatifaction or uservoice account. It's simpler but easier to use and understand. You can use Google Moderator API to host it on your site and have users sign in with their account on your site.

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Don't like GetSatisfaction approach of putting up communities online leaving the employees to claim it. Conveys wrong impression to users.

In my company, we have identified a need of one stop solution to deal with anything n everything from our users. A mere Feedback Support platform doesn't fits the bill. Thats where I like the approach that Zendesk, UserRules, UserVoice has taken. Zendesk started with HelpDesk now providing Community Forum. Both UserRules & UserVoice have introduced KnowledgeBase for companies, however UserRules implementation fits the bill here ala Zendesk.

Needless to say, any product with cutting edge feature set & easy, clean interface is the need of our times. Kinda like UserVoice & UserRules designs more than Zendesk.

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Strictly from customers' point of view, I like interacting with User Voice - easy, quick and clean. (Note: I've never had to use Get Satisfaction so I can't compare)

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Both have their flawa although Get Satisfaction's UI seems slicker and richer - for instance you can post images - something i'm not sure you can do with UserVoice?

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Why don't use Google Forms? It is free, it integrates very well with Google Docs and it has very easy to use API. Take a look here: http://www.google.com/google-d-s/forms/

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