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I am using the default Android Media Player in an Activity, trying to play back a couple of video files. However I have a problem with programming what I want. The desired program outcome would be the following:

  • A video file is played back
  • After that, a dialog is shown, asking the user something
  • A pause of 5 seconds occurs
  • The next video is shown
  • and so forth

How am I to program this? Currently, I use a paradigm like the following:

  • I have a method that sets up the player for the a file, e.g. playVideo(int) So I pass it the first file.
  • When the player is prepared, it will be started in onPrepared(MediaPlayer).
  • When the video is finished, the onCompletion(MediaPlayer) listener of the media player shows the dialog to the user by calling showDialog().
  • The user accepts the dialog. Before calling dismiss() on the dialog, the player object is started for the next file by calling playVideo(int).

This works, but it feels a bit quirky and not clean. And it's of course very procedural. The problems are:

  • that I can't figure out how to insert a pause after the dialog is dismissed.
  • that I maybe want to change the presentation order of dialogs and videos and this ain't too easy now

Has anyone got an idea?

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For the pause, you could use the AlarmManager to schedule an alarm five seconds from now. It will launch an intent, and that intent could call playVideo(int).

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Thanks, however I am doing everything within one Activity now. A new Intent would mean launching a new Activity, is that right? So, summing up: This means I'd have to show only one video per Activity launch, at the onCompletion of the video show the dialog, and at the dismiss() of the dialog launch a new (delayed) Intent. Is that what you thought of? –  slhck Aug 31 '10 at 10:12

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