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Looking to generate help content for a number of Silverlight applications. Would like the content to be consumed directly inside Silverlight WITHOUT any browser interop as we want to support online & offline with minimal effort.

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what the help content is exactly like ?? means what you wanna do like do you want a resource to be created or read from xml or feed in server ? Please illustrate . If a resource meant for a number of application then it needs to returned from a service. or a resource dictionary but has to be applied from the cs as it will be fetched from the service – Anobik Sep 25 '13 at 5:20

If your silverlight app uses a database, I would use the database to store your help topics. This takes a little work but it is very flexible and cheap!

If you dont use a database, you can write it as XML (or other format if you prefer) and make it a resource in your application. Then you can ready it like data. Resource Files in Silverlight

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