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I have a WebService that I am trying to use NetTCPBinding on.

here is my code for setting up the binding

  private static void Run()

            //set up the address configuration procedure: create a URI to serve as the base address

            Uri baseAddress = new Uri("net.tcp://");
            ServiceHost selfHost = new ServiceHost(typeof(QBService), baseAddress);


                NetTcpBinding myBinding = new NetTcpBinding();
                myBinding.Security.Mode = SecurityMode.Transport;
                myBinding.Security.Transport.ClientCredentialType = TcpClientCredentialType.None;

                myBinding.MaxReceivedMessageSize = 50000000;
                myBinding.MaxBufferPoolSize = 50000000;


                ServiceMetadataBehavior smb = new ServiceMetadataBehavior();
                smb.HttpGetEnabled = true;

                Console.WriteLine("The service is ready");

                bool terminate = false;
                //wait to read line as long as entertext is not equal to end
                while (!terminate)
                    string entertext = Console.ReadLine();
                    if (entertext.Equals("end"))
                        terminate = true;
                        Console.WriteLine("\n Unknown Command \n");



            catch (CommunicationException ce)

                Console.WriteLine(ce.Message, ce);


When I start the service I get this error

"The service certificate is not provided. Specify a service certificate in serivcecredentials"

Do I have to use a certificate with this binding? or is there another way? Thanks!

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You specified that Security.Mode = SecurityMode.Transport. If you don't want to use certificates, specify Security.Mode = SecurityMode.None instead to indicate no security.

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so with transport I have to use a certificate? We do want some sort of security though so is there another option or should I just do the certificate? Thanks. – twal Aug 30 '10 at 17:52
The only way to setup a secure web service properly is to use certificates. – Bernard Aug 31 '10 at 13:11

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