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How can I can I get the correct current value in the click event to call via a trigger?


<input type="checkbox" id="mycheck" />
<br />
<span id="actual-value-inevent"></span>
<br />
<span id="actual-value"></span>
<br />
<button id="view-value">view value</button>
<br />
<button id="call-trigger">call trigger</button>
<br />
<button id="call-trigger-handler">call trigger handler</button>


$('#mycheck').bind('click', function(ev) {
    $('#actual-value-inevent').html('value in event : ' + $(this).is(':checked'));

$('#view-value').bind('click', function(ev) {
    $('#actual-value').html('value view : ' + $('#mycheck').is(':checked'));

$('#call-trigger').bind('click', function(ev) {
    $('#actual-value').html('value post trigger: ' + $('#mycheck').is(':checked'));

$('#call-trigger-handler').bind('click', function(ev) {

    $('#mycheck')[0].checked = !$( "input" )[ 0 ].checked;

    $('#actual-value').html('value post triggerHandler: ' + $('#mycheck').is(':checked'));


If I call the "trigger ('click')", in the event the current value of the checkbox is pre-click.

On this blog I find a solution, but I need to solve the problem in the function of the event, not to call the trigger.

example with solution

possible solution by overriding the trigger method:


    var triggerOverwrite = $.fn.trigger;
    $.fn.trigger = function (eventType, extraParameters) {

        var stringEvent = '';
        if (typeof eventType == 'string')
            stringEvent = eventType;
            stringEvent = eventType.type;

        if (this.get(0).tagName.toLowerCase() == 'input' 
            && stringEvent == 'click' && $(this).attr('type') == 'checkbox')
            $(this)[0].checked = !$(this)[0].checked;
            return $(this).triggerHandler(stringEvent, extraParameters);

        return triggerOverwrite.apply(this, arguments);




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The click event applied to the check box is run before the click makes any changes.

So in your check box click event do the following:

$('#mycheck').bind('click', function(ev) {
    $('#actual-value-inevent').html('value in event : ' + !$(this).is(':checked'));
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if I do this when calling a normal event, I have the wrong value – andres descalzo Aug 30 '10 at 16:34
my bad, didn't check that. but why go to the trouble of overwriting the trigger method when your second example works fine? Why does it have to happen in the event function? – Nalum Aug 31 '10 at 9:03
for me, this would be a more normal behavior of the method trigger. I might be wrong – andres descalzo Sep 6 '10 at 13:54

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