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In the document.ready() I have:

$('#menu_indicator').append('<p>' + currPage + ' / ' + pageLimit + '</p>');

pageLimit is always one number that does not change throughout the whole code. I have it so that when a user clicks a button, it changes currPage to a different number. (this part is not in document.ready();)

Why doesn't it update it in the indicator? Any ideas to fix it?


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can you give a link the an example, or post your html code as well as the javascript? –  Nalum Aug 30 '10 at 16:30
The two answers down there explain your problem. You need to update the text everytime currPage changes. –  Juan Mendes Aug 30 '10 at 18:16

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The reason your code doesn't work as you expect it to is that you only append it once, it doesn't attach a 'live' handler or something like it.

If you want the indicator to change each time you set a new value for currPage I'd build a function like so:

function setCurrentPage(page) {
    currPage = page;

    $("#menu_indicator p").html(currPage + " / " + pageLimit);

This is of course assuming currPage and pageLimit are declared on a global scope

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Demo for Below Code : http://jsbin.com/oruqa3


<input type="button" value="click" />
<div id="menu"></div>

JavaScript :

var currPage = 1, pageLimit = 20;
 $(function() {
  $('input[type=button]').click(function() {
   if(currPage <=pageLimit) {

 var call = function() {
   $('#menu').html('<p>' + currPage + ' / ' + pageLimit + '</p>');
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