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I want to read an specific xml node and it's value for example


and my code behind should be some thing like this ( I don't know how it should be tho :))


blah blah. As I said It's just an example cuz I don't know how to do. So Could you help me please.



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The most basic answer:
Assuming "xml" is an XMLDocument, XMLNodeList, XMLNode, etc...

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Which version of .NET are you using? If you're using .NET 3.5 and can use LINQ to XML, it's as simple as:


(except with some error handling!) If you're stuk with the DOM API, you might want:


Note that this hasn't shown anything about how you'd read the XML in the first place - if you need help with that bit, please give more detail in the question.

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Thanks, Actually what you suggested is enough for me for now :) –  Tarik Dec 11 '08 at 17:59

If using earlier versions of the .Net framework, take a look at the XMLDocument class first as this is what you'd load the XML string into. Subclasses like XMLElement and XMLNode are also useful for doing some of this work.

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haven't tried testing it but should point you in the right direction anyway

 'Create the XML Document
 Dim l_xmld As XmlDocument
'Create the XML Node
        Dim l_node As XmlNode

            l_xmld = New XmlDocument

            'Load the Xml file
            l_xmld.LoadXml("XML Filename as String")

            'get the attributes
            l_node = l_xmld.SelectSingleNode("/customers/name")

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