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If I'm doing mass operations inside objective C, and a lot happens in the console... I cannot see it all happen in windows.

Instead of adding the argument ">>WriteLog.log" what would the proper way to log the console inside of Objective C?

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Agreed with James, NSLog is the first method I've ever used with Obj-C to log.

To expand on James' the NSLog requires a string object as it's first argument, with optional referenced variables as following arguments.


int someInteger = 5;
NSString *someString = @"STRING";
double someDouble = 2.34;

NSLog(@"This is an INT: %i, while this is a string: %@, while this is a double: %.2f",someInteger,someString,someDouble);

// Output: 2010-08-30 11:45:25.400 StackOverflow[380:a0f] This is an INT: 5, while this is a string: STRING, while this is a double: 2.34

To see where %@, %i, %.2f come from, study string format specifiers.

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NSLog is the normal way to log to the console in Objective-C

You can use it like:

NSLog(@"My log string");


NSLog(@"%@", someStringObject);
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Thanks James: ) – Kyle Aug 30 '10 at 20:25

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