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Has anyone attempted this? Is it possible, and if so, what kind of problems will I run into if I try to accomplish it?

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Please be more specific with your question and explain the problem you are trying to solve. – Eran Galperin Dec 11 '08 at 18:12

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Sure, you can easily subclass controllers in Cake.. and then you'd typically utilize their hook function such as 'beforeFilter', 'afterFilter', etc. to add runtime logic to your controllers.. I typically put at least 1 abstract controller between cakes controller and the final controller that you configure in the route.

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If you goal is to share logic between controllers:

  • add the logic to the AppController to share it with all the controllers in your app.

  • make a component and add that to $this->components for the controllers you want to share it.

Adding additional inheritance between controllers should only be concidered as a last resort, as you have to pay extra attention to how components and helpers are handled. E.g. you must manually merge $this->components & $this->helpers with the AppController and the controller you are inheriting from.

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I have put an additional layer between the AppController and some special controllers in an app.

The only problem you'll run into is the merging of the $helpers and $components class attributes. In CakePHP, overriding those variables in your controllers will not overwrite those set by the AppController, but it will merge them.

This is done by a special method named __mergeVars() in the Controller base class, and it unfortunately does it only for the default controller structure. Your additional layer will not be merged correctly, if you want $helpers and $controllers inheritance from AppController down to your controllers.

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You will run into issue with $components and $helpers properties not merging and instead overwriting. Be sure to define protected $_mergeParent = 'YourParentClass' to have this done properly. The default value for this is 'AppController'.

Source code:

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where should i add this protected $_mergeParent = 'YourParentClass' ? – Bangalore Jun 3 '14 at 6:01

Why not try? At least, it's already being done with the Controller -> AppController -> MyController classes.

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