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I have created scroll view in my view controller and set the buttons in the scroll view. I have set the scroll view between the two images. The buttons are scrolling horizontally. Now i want to enable and disable the images. For Eg: Initially left images are to be hidden, once moving the button horizontally and enable right button and hidden the left button.

How can i write the touch events for the scroll view?.

   - (void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event{

If i have used this method in my application. But the methods are doesn't called. SO how can i write the touch events when i clicks the scroll view. If i get the touch events, then only i could enable and disable the images. so please help me out?

See my images, (I have set the two images(left arrow and right arrow images)).

I have set the two images in the imageview and I have set the scroll view as subview for the custom view.(Scroll view is not subview for view controller).

UIImageView *leftImg;

UIImageView *rightImg;


image 2


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I believe what you want to do can be achieved by setting a delegate for your UIScrollView. Your view controller could implement UIScrollViewDelegate methods like
- (void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)sender
- (void)scrollViewDidEndDragging:(UIScrollView *)scrollView willDecelerate:(BOOL)decelerate
and - (void)scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:(UIScrollView *)scrollView and respond appropriately by checking the contentOffset property on the scroll view.

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