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I have a question regarding searching a complete document.

1 - I have indexed a lot of documents on lucene.

2 - Each document has a single word per line. Suppose 200 words which becomes 200 lines.

3 - I know how to search lucene via Solr but;

If suppose that i indexed the document mydoc.txt on lucene containing 200 words along with other docs. Now I want to search mydoc.txt, i have it on disk locally, how do i post the complete document mydoc.txt via Solr to make a search for me so that I get the already indexed document mydoc.txt ranked first and get rest of the documents?

Do I parse mydoc.txt and send line by line or concatinate the parsed words and then send them to lucene or is there a specific query which I can use to make a search without parsing the document and I am able to send the complete document?

Queries and syntax for Solr is what I need with the steps!!!!

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