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for example:

I have:

public class MyPage : XXXPage

  public class HahaConverter: IValueConverter




In my xaml, can I do this:

        <????:HahaConverter :Key="dateConverter" />

I just wondering how to get ????. I could not reference myself?


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Nested classes will require a fully qualified reference, so you will need to add another xmlns entry to the xaml referencing your parent class namespace. e.g.


In VS 2010 once you start typing auto-complete/intellisense should start listing your project namespaces*.

Then reference your value converter with

<ValueConverters:HahaConverter x:Key="dateConverter">

*Note: It is usually recomended to stick to the one-class one-file standard as tools, coders (and VS) cope better. You will likely wind up with a large collection of Value Converters for Silverlight, might as well start a library for them :)

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