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SQL Server CE (3.5) doesn't appear to support the IsNumeric function. What are some alternatives to achieve the same functionality? Specifically, how would you test whether a CAST from a string to a DECIMAL datatype will succeed in SQLCE without IsNumeric?

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One possibility is to explicitly add an ISNUMERIC column to the table, and set the value (in your code, using your own method or a built-in .NET method) whenever the row is added or updated.

Another possibility is to use a query like this:

SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE col LIKE '%[^0-9]%'
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Typically what IsNumeric, IsDate and their ilk are used for is for making sure a CAST will succeed, and providing a reasonable default if it doesn't. You'd need to support initial negative signs and decimals and potentially the 'e' notation, and with all those considerations the statement becomes huge. Sure, a big-fat-brute-force case statement would get the job done, but I'm hoping there's something more, uh, reasonable already built in. –  mattmc3 Aug 30 '10 at 20:39

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