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I have a file called header.txt I want this file to be prepended (first line) to all *.txt files in the same directory.

How could I achieve this?

Thanks in advance, Joe

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@echo off
for %%x in (*.txt) do call :merge %%x
goto :eof

copy header.asc + %1 %1.new
del %1
ren %1.new %1
exit /b

Don't call the file header.txt though, because you don't want to prepend the header to itself (that's why I called it header.asc).

Make a backup before trying ;)

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Thanks for the answer. – jmituzas Aug 30 '10 at 20:08

use for loop, and then copy + command.

See copy /? for copy + syntax.

See for /? for for syntax.

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