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I am modifying a rails server to handle binary plist from an iPhone client via POST and PUT requests. The content type for text plist is text/plist, as far as I can tell. I would like the server to handle both text and binary plists, so I would like to distinguish between the two forms. What is the content type for binary plist?

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I believe that most binary formats are preceded by application so maybe application/plist.

See the bottom of RFC1341.


Like Pumbaa80 mentioned, since application/plist is not a standard mime-type it should be application/x-plist.

In RFC2045 it explains this:

In the future, more top-level types may be defined only by a standards-track extension to this standard. If another top-level type is to be used for any reason, it must be given a name starting with "X-" to indicate its non-standard status and to avoid a potential conflict with a future official name.

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That's good, that was my semi-educated guess. So it must be right. :-) I'll accept your answer unless someone else has a better suggestion. Thanks for your input! –  Chris Garrett Aug 30 '10 at 20:18
There is no application/plist MIME-Type. Use application/x-plist instead. –  Pumbaa80 Aug 30 '10 at 20:28

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