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I'm using jQuery UI Dialog for adding some news to my site. Every time I click add news button, the dialog should open with the text area. Actually, I'm using ckeditor replacing the textarea and it happens that I can't type inside the text editor due to focus issue (at least I think this is the problem).

Check it out. As just as I click add news button the dialog start to open with its effect. Notice the yellow bordered textarea meaning that it's focused (using Chrome) while it's appearing. alt text Click to zoom

Notice then that when the dialog finishes appearing, it isn't focused anymore and I'm having trouble because of this

alt text Click to zoom

Also, check my code http://jsfiddle.net/pzHr2/

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It's not a very well documented (tremendous understatement) feature that you can pass an object just as you can to the .show() UI method like this in your options:

show:{ effect: 'slide', complete: function() { $("textarea").first().focus(); }},

This runs the .focus() when the animation completes, you can give it a try here. If you're curious as to why this works, you can take a look here.

Note: this answer is for jQuery UI 1.8.4+ (since you're using .button()), it won't work for 1.7.x users.

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Thanks Nick, nice tip!!! Was just struggling with a similar issue (giving focus to the first input once a dialog opens with a show effect). I made a minor change to your code for my situation: show: { effect: 'blind', complete: function () { $(this).find("input:first").focus(); } } –  Boycs Aug 31 '10 at 1:36
I'm having the same problem loading my log in form into a modal dialog in MVC. The solution proposed here works fine in chrome and FF but convenient fails in IE9. Any ideas? –  Mohammad Sepahvand Nov 23 '12 at 21:57
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