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Trying to solve that problem, but no luck for hours...

I have

var screen1 = $('#screen');
var screen2 = $('#screen_teams');
var screen3 = $('#field_position');
. . .

function screenFade(screen,delay,next) {
    if (next == 1) {
        screen.delay(delay).fadeOut(1000, function() {animation(2);console.log('2');});
    } else {
        screen.fadeIn(1000).delay(delay).fadeOut(1000, function() {animation(next);console.log(next);});
function animation(seq) {
    if (seq == 2) {
    if (seq == 3) {
    if (seq == 4) {

And firebug outputs: 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5

Do you know the solution? Thanks in advance!

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Is it possible that overall this code's getting called twice? –  Nick Craver Aug 30 '10 at 21:07
the original call is here: $('.1,.2').cycle({ fx: ''+Animation1+'', sync: 1, timeout: 2000, autostop: 1, autostopCount: 2, end: function() { screenFade(screen1,1000,1); } }); Now i found the problem. If i remove .2, everything works fine. Got one "AH-HA!!" moment. Thanks for pointing that out! –  c4rrt3r Aug 30 '10 at 21:13

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I think your biggest issue is the recursive nature of your code... I think a little simplification is in order.

If you put all of your "screens" as child elements of a parent then you can easily use a rotate plugin I wrote for jQuery:

If the parent element had an ID of screens and each screen was a child div then you could use the plugin like this:

function() rotateCallback(screenNumber, screen) {
    if(screenNumber == 4)

$(function() {
    $("#screens div").Rotate({ cycleTime: 2000, fadeTime: 1000, callback: rotateCallback});

On the window load event this will select all of the child divs of the parent with an ID of screens and then rotate every 2 seconds fading over 1 second.

Here's the plugin code:

jQuery.fn.Rotate = function(config) {
    var currentIdx = 0;
    var items = [];
    var itemCount = this.each(function(idx, item) {

    function rotateItem()
        var front = items[currentIdx];
        var back = items[currentIdx = ((currentIdx + 1) % itemCount)];

        front.fadeOut(config.fadeTime, function() { front.hide() });

            config.callback(currentIdx, back);
    setInterval(rotateItem, config.cycleTime);


Added callback on rotation and example.

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Sounds interesting, but I need callbacks. At about 4th screen, the animation would need to stop and wait for another function to be executed. I fixed my problem now but, I'm I heading in the right way? –  c4rrt3r Aug 30 '10 at 21:19
@c4rrt3r I added an example of how to do a callback and check which screen is showing by index, the callback also receives the index and jQuery element for the currently displayed screen if you need to operate on it. –  joshperry Aug 30 '10 at 22:19

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