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If you take out the scaffolding feature where it creates the model/controller, and CRUD pages for you, is ruby on rails still any faster to market than say, django?

It seems very similiar to be if you take away that step...(even though I believe django has similar auto-gen capabilities)

I am reading the starting guide on the rails site, and when it introduces the scaffolding feature, it says that many people prefer to hand code these types of areas.

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I have never seen Rails scaffold-generated view code used in a production app. The chances that it's going to create the look that you want is nearly zero. I use the generators for models and controllers all the time, as they are very useful.

To your question of frameworks:

If you know Python better, use Django. If you know Ruby better, use Rails.

If this is a hobby site, use whichever one interests you the most.

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The default scaffolding is generally only useful as a starting point, and doesn't provide too much of a leg up on a real app. If you want something Rails-based that provides better scaffolding, check out Hobo or ActiveScaffold -- both provide scaffold-style functionality, but take it a lot further than Rails does by default.

As far as Rails vs. Django, they provide pretty similar functionality, though Django has built-in account management. Which one you use should be more a matter of language preference than anything else.

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Scaffolding is just a demo and learning feature. It's not intended for use in real site development. It's certainly not Rails' primary strength.

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so in the end its the same idea, different language that's all compared to django/python. –  Blankman Aug 30 '10 at 21:46

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