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I'm trying to write a simple GTD-style todo list app with python and gtk to learn python. I want a container that can select an individual list from a lot of choices. It would be something like the list of notebooks area in tomboy. Not a combobox.

As you can probably tell I'm a beginner and the terminology is probably off.

Can you please tell me what it is I'm looking for and an overview of how to implement it?

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It sounds like you just want a listbox, unless you're describing something more complex than I'm picturing.

Wikipedia has a list of GUI widgets that you may find informative.

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GTK+ has its own widget gallery, with pictures and links to their documentation. – Johannes Sasongko Aug 31 '10 at 10:37

You mean a widget to filter a large collection into multiple subsets / views?

I would guess you have to implement this yourself - a list of options on the left and filtered results on the right, I don't know of any existing (gtk) widgets.

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The 'Notebooks' button in Tomboy is a gtk.MenuToolItem with a gtk.Menu containing gtk.RadioMenuItems.

Here is a short example:

import gtk

window = gtk.Window()
box = gtk.VBox()
toolbar = gtk.Toolbar()
toolbutton = gtk.MenuToolButton(gtk.STOCK_FLOPPY)
menu = gtk.Menu()
labels = ['Disk 1', 'Disk 2', 'Disk 3']
items = [gtk.RadioMenuItem(label=l) for l in labels]

window.set_default_size(300, 300)
box.pack_start(toolbar, expand=False, fill=True)
toolbar.insert(toolbutton, 0)
for item in items:
    if item is not items[0]:

window.connect('destroy', gtk.main_quit)
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