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I am trying to learn C++ with Cygwin and Eclipse Helios. I got all the development tools under Cygwin installed; and installed the CDT package for Helios.

The problem is I don't see an option to create a C++ project from makefile or any other option. I can only see options for a C Project, C++ project and a new project from existing source code.

Here is what I referred to:


  1. Is there any clear guide to setup Eclipse for Cygwin?
  2. Am I missing something in the setup?

any other suggestion will be helpful.

Thanks, Ayusman

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In Cygwin installation, make sure to at least pick the following packages under Development: gcc-core, gcc-g++, gdb, make –  Amro Aug 30 '10 at 22:52

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Are you asking how to setup GCC in cygwin + Eclipse? How about this tutorial?

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You can try this video tutorial In this they used Juno there you can search for Helios CDT

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