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Python 2.6.6 was released on August 24, 2010. However, there isn't a Mac OS X Installer Disk Image. Is there a Mac OS X Installer Disk Image available for Python 2.6.6?

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The installer can now be downloaded at http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.6.6/

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[ORIGINAL: Unfortunately, the official python.org OS X installer for 2.6.6 is not yet available. I expect it should be available soon.]

UPDATE: As of 2010-08-31, it is available here.

The installer image you mention in your own answer is one produced by a daily testing buildbot, not by the python.org core developer for OS X, so it should not be considered the official installer.

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After a little searching, I did find python-2.6.6-macosx10.3-2010-08-24.dmg available from the daily-dmg Python page.

Update: As Ned Deily states in his answer, the daily-dmg listed above is not the official Python.org Mac OS X Installer Disk Image.

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