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I'm fooling around with Yahoo! pipes and I'm hitting a wall with some regular expression. Now I'm familiar with regular expressions from Perl but the rules just seem to be different in Yahoo! pipes.

Screen shot of my pipe

What I'm doing is fetching a page and trying to turn it into a feed, my regex for stripping out the link from the HTML works fine but the title which I want to be what was in <i> tags just outputs the original text.

Sample text that matches in Perl and on this online regexp tester:

<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" HREF=""><i>"Fee Fi Fo Fun" (English Man)</i></a> (See also this other site <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="">Nada</a>) Some other text here

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RegEx for the title:

(?i).*?<i>([^<]*).*               [ ] g  [x] s  [ ] m  [ ] i

RegEx for the link:

(?i).*?href="([^"]*).*            [ ] g  [x] s  [ ] m  [ ] i

Somehow the case-insensitive checkbox seems broken. Luckily you can substitute with (?i), which works nicely.

Here is a nice web2.0-ish tool to test regular expressions with: RegExr. But for some reason it's still beta. ;-)

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One important thing to watch out for with YP is do not trust the debug screen, it has a small quirk of hiding some tags from view that can cause no end of confusion when attempting regexing. To expose any hidden html replace '<' with something like '#'

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