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Has anyone used the Sphinx speech recognition stack to build IVR applications? I am looking for open source alternatives to the expensive and somewhat limiting choices from MSFT and others. I have not been able to find a comprehensive package that ties open source speech/voip applications together.

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Last I looked at Sphinx, it had issues with 8khz audio which resulted in really poor performance. There's not a lot of people talking about successful deployments of Sphinx in real environments, but you might be able to get it to work with some trailblazing effort. See here for more info:


The closest thing to open-source that really works is using LumenVox with Asterisk. Asterisk is the open-source PBX that you can use to integrate with a VoIP service or gateway, or even the PSTN. LumenVox is a commercial speech engine that integrates with Asterisk:


There's lots of people successfully using LumenVox with Asterisk.

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