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Hi there Iam using coffeeScript for my apps now and I love it but recently I've been having a lot of trouble with compilation, Iam using it for a rails application and when I run

coffee -w -c public/javascripts

It will compile correctly the first time but when I do some changes it just turns to

(function() {


Some time before everything was working as expected compiling correctly every time a made a change (0.9.1), but I tried to upgrade to version 0.9.2 using npm and I really had trouble, nothing worked, I installed the first time using sudo, I downloaded the source and used sudo bin/cake install

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You might be running into this (now fixed) issue:

.. which would occur when using --watch, if your text editor first saved out a blank file before saving the actual file contents. You can update to the latest master to fix it.

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Great I will apply the patch. I user vim as my main editor. – Boris Barroso Sep 13 '10 at 11:54

Might be carriage return character problem. I experienced that in Netbeans IDE until I started using the CoffeeScript plugin for netbeans.

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