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I am running windows xp and django 1.2.1 locally. I was wondering if there is a way to allow outside applications to be able to access a url in my local app.

For example I would like the url: http://www. to be able to receive push notifications from a webapp while I am working locally. It's a pain to have to upload my code to a server just to do testing on this one thing everytime I make a simple change.

Thanks for the insight and help.

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by starting your application using

python runserver

replace with your system IP.

all the systems on your local network will be able to access your application,

If you want your application to be accessible from systems outside of your network, you need to have a static IP that is is accessible from outside world.

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You don't really need a static IP, you could use some DDNS (like dyndns or noip). Anyway, all you need is port forwarding from your router to your local machine. – Davor Lucic Aug 31 '10 at 6:35

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