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I just upgraded to MATLAB 2010a. It seems that fsolve no longer works. Has this been replaced?

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The function FSOLVE is a part of the Optimization Toolbox. Do you still have access to this toolbox with your new MATLAB version? Here are some things you can try to find out:

  • Can you use any of the other functions in the toolbox?
  • What does the output of the function VER show you? Does the Optimization Toolbox show up?
  • Use the function LICENSE and see if either of these returns 1:

    license('test','Optimization_Toolbox')      %# See if a license exists
    license('checkout','Optimization_Toolbox')  %# Try to check a license out
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huh, my opimization license shows up. I think we have the license but didn't install it. –  Brian Aug 31 '10 at 3:53

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