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I have a popup window containing a form which gathers data for a report. When I click submit in that window, I want it to close the popup, and open the report in the original window that called the popup.

I think I can open the report in the correct window by using

{ :target => <name of window> }

in the form_tag, but I don't know how to determine or set the name of the originating window.

I also don't know how to close the popup window.

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:target => adds the html attribute target to the link. This opens up a new window and names the new window the target.

You have to use javascript or Ajax to redirect the old page,


and then close the old window.


This can be done either through the rjs file or directly in the javascript.

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The popup window can be closed using the onClick html event as follows:

<%= submit_tag "Go!", {:onClick => "window.close()"} %>
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Try this:

function fclosepopup(){

It will close the current window and bring you to the next page in the parent window.

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How is this for starters?

# The submit button in your child window's view:
<%= button_to_function 'Save', "$('my_form').submit(); window.opener.location.reload(); window.close();" %> 
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