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Given the following timestring:

$str = '2000-11-29';

$php_date = getdate( $str );
echo '<pre>';
print_r ($php_date);
echo '</pre>';

How to get the year/month/day in PHP?

[seconds] => 20
[minutes] => 33
[hours] => 18
[mday] => 31
[wday] => 3
[mon] => 12
[year] => 1969
[yday] => 364
[weekday] => Wednesday
[month] => December
[0] => 2000

I don't know why I get 1969 for year.

Thank you

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You can use strtotime to parse a time string, and pass the resulting timestamp to getdate (or use date to format your time).

$str = '2000-11-29';

if (($timestamp = strtotime($str)) !== false)
  $php_date = getdate($timestamp);
  // or if you want to output a date in year/month/day format:
  $date = date("Y/m/d", $timestamp); // see the date manual page for format options      
  echo 'invalid timestamp!';

Note that strtotime will return false if the time string is invalid or can't be parsed. When the timestamp you're trying to parse is invalid, you end up with the 1969-12-31 date you encountered before.

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Thank you very much –  q0987 Aug 31 '10 at 3:57

Update: Forgot to add semicolon at end of first line, try this:

$str = "2010-08-29"; // Missed semicolon here
$time = strtotime($str);

// You can now use date() functions with $time, like
$weekday = date("l", $time); // Wednesday or whatever date it is    

Hopefully that will get you going!

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